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Eye wear guide : choosing Frames to suits you

Fabulous in frames:

the fantastic choice of styles and colours now available means you can choose different frames to co-ordinate with cloths and other accessories and you can use frame shapes to highlight your best features.

for example, close set eyes can be countered by a thin or clear bridge, while wide set eyes can be drawn together visually by a thicker or dark bridge, long noses look shorter in frames with a low set bridge, in general, the top of frames shouldn’t go above the line of your eyebrows or the effect will be to make you look permanently surprised!

the shape of your frame should compliment your face shape, not duplicate it. here are few useful pointers on choices for different complexions and face shapes:

Pale complexions:

Try lightweight metal frames or those with a hint of colour such as rose or amber. Tortoise shell frames can look great on some fair people as long as they are not too dark, but avoid clear frames as they can be too colourless.

Blue or green tinged frames also tend to drain colour.

Dark Complexions :

People with olive, Mediterranean, golden or Asian Skin and rich black hair often look stunning in silver, gold or clear frames. Also try burgundy and brown colours , but black can be too heavy.

Black Skins:

All metallic frames suit black skins. Amber usually works well too, but black is either wonderful or awful, depending on the style. Bright colours can look amazing.

Face Shapes:

Whatever your face shape the golden rule when choosing your frames is that they should echo the shape of your face but not match it-frames with curves look good on round faces whilst totally round frames can make your face look even rounder!

Oval Faces:

An oval face has a slightly wider forehead than jaw, well balanced and softly rounded. This face can look good in just about any frame , but try angular or rounded aviators (not large, old-fashioned ones).

Round Faces:

For faces that are short and fairly wide with full cheeks and a round chin, choose slimming styles. Slightly elongated shapes work well as long as they are not too shallow, while square , or even swept-up styles can help to highlight the upper face.

Heart-shaped Faces:

These faces have a small, neat chin and mouth, tapering up and out to a broader forehead. Frames to try include delicate , rounded or squarish styles. Avoid heart-shaped styles that mirror the shape of the jaw.

Square Faces:

For faces that are strong and angular , or short and wide, the best frames to try are oval styles that soften the jaw line. Avoid any shapes that emphasise squareness.

Long Faces:

These are faces with high cheek bones, a deep forehead and a strong or chiselled jaw line. Try wider frames that counteract the face’s narrowness. Frames with a strong top line or rounded ‘owl’ styles can work well. Avoid small, square styles.

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